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Early Biopsy Results

by Tom on July 15th, 2009

The surgeon (Dr Kent) called a few hours ago in the middle of a nap; I’d had a Percocet, I was tired, and the loud fan was on. He was politely asked by a 2007 recording of myself to leave a message.

The message was that the initial pathology from the lymph node biopsy confirmed the bone marrow biopsy of lymphoma. They’ve sent my node (or slides from the node, or at least some part of it) to UW to have some additional stains and markers done on it for subtyping.

He invited me to schedule a phone visit for after the results are in, so I’ll do that in addition to following up with my oncologist. I really like that Dr Kent is still interested in my case, even though all the cutting is done. Additional interested experts = a happy Tom.

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  1. Karen permalink

    Speaking of additional interested experts, I was comforted to hear that Meera’s family of doctors is keeping tabs on you!

  2. Stacey permalink

    Tom – Eric and I are thinking of you often and wishing you the best. We’ll be keeping updated through this blog. Good luck!

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