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Same As Before, Only Different

by Tom on August 12th, 2009

Since I wasn’t reacting so strongly to the chemo this time, the doctor didn’t prescribe any Ondansetron for the first day of recovery.

Also, since I wasn’t in the same intense pain as last time when I started chemo, I’m not all hopped up on opiates today.

This means I’m fully awake and aware to notice the return of metal mouth. I haven’t had anything to eat yet, but my mouth already has a metallic taste.

Not to mention that my head and stomach feel hung-over. I already had a bit of that before I started sleeping for 10 hours though.

Another interesting point about today: my doctor felt that with how low my blood counts were before chemo, and with the expected drop due to the chemo, that I ought to have a round of colony stimulating factor treatments. These treatments use a genetically modified form of E-coli bacteria to deliver a message telling my bone marrow to ramp up neutrophil production.

Once a day for the next five days I’ll be filling up a syringe and injecting myself in my belly. This five days of treatment would have cost $1300 without insurance! With insurance: $34. And it’s got to stay refridgerated or it’ll go bad.

Now I will sip my coffee and hope it takes not of metal. Cheers!

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  1. Karen permalink

    Thanks for writing :)
    Let us know how the tummy shots go!

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