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The Biggest Recognizable Side-Effect So Far

by Tom on August 9th, 2009

Last weekend, while away celebrating Mike and Meera’s engagement, I started to notice a slight daily increase in the amount of hair that would fall out in the shower. Nothing to be concerned about (as it was expected), but worth cracking joke or two.

Then Tuesday came, and I did not bring my (metaphorical) coat. Significant numbers of hair were jumping ship! Wednesday, even more. Thursday? Don’t even ask about Thursday.

I still had enough hair that it looked normal, but what was left was getting thin. And it didn’t feel healthy, it felt dry. I was finding hair on my keyboard. Hair in my food. Hair all over my pillow. Unacceptable!

On Thursday night we enacted a plan for relief:

  1. We drove to Jill and Brent’s house.
  2. We had pizza.
  3. Brent shaved my head.

Hair Lost Each Day in the Shower

From → Treatment Phase

  1. Shaved head = brilliant! Also seems much less traumatizing.

  2. Karen permalink

    good job on the graph :)

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