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Second Verse, Same as the First

by Tom on October 8th, 2009

A lot of the stuff during the treatment phase is about repetition, but each time with slight variation.

For instance, each chemo day I’ve progressively been less and less interested in the hospital food. Last time the smell of it made me sick. This time I won’t even let it in the room!

Each time me digestion seems to get messed up, but not always with the same severity.

And now I have Bell’s Palsy again, but this time on the left side of my face. This time I recognized the symptoms earlier, and started prednisone early. This time, hopefully, we’ll nip Old Man Temporary Paralysis in the bud!

Can you nip an “Old Man” in the bud?

Just as soon as my ability to whistle returned, it is gone again. I am going to whistle myself silly when I’m better.

My left nostril isn’t flaring much, and the left side of my mouth is refusing to smile. Eyebrows are still wiggly, but my left eye isn’t closing as well.

I hope to set some sort of recovery record this time, and then to never deal with this again!

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  1. Karen permalink

    i hope you never have to deal with this again either!!!!!

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