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Back on Track / Finish Line in Sight

by Tom on November 9th, 2009

Last Thursday I started the last lap around the R-CHOP track.

We started the day by talking with Dr Norman about the schedule for the next few weeks, then went to the Oncology Infusion Center for blood tests. Then back to Dr Norman for more intrathecal chemotherapy. Then back to the Oncology Infusion Center for round six of six.

I’ve started up on the G-CSF shots again, plumping up my blood with stem cells so we can get back to preparing some autologous stem cell transplant ammunition. The side effects from the chemotherapy, combined with the side effects of not resting a ton after the recent lumbar puncture, have combined to be less-fun that usual. I’ve felt pain, then sickness from the pain pills. I’ve felt tired, and yet unable to sleep well at night. It’ll be nice to break this cycle!

After three days of the G-CSF shots, we’re starting up the daily blood count cycle. The first step is to watch for my white cell counts to be high enough, after which we’ll starting sending my blood to the SCCA for CD34+ counting.

And I just got the call that my white cells are already high enough. Blood is on its way. Let’s rock and roll.

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