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Every Single Weekday

by Tom on March 2nd, 2010

Starting last Wednesday we’ve been visiting the SCCA every single weekday.¬†Well, I had last Friday off. But every other single weekday!

One thing that was quickly clarified: we had in mind that the heart of the process would take 90 days. Bzzt! Wrong! That’s for allogeneic transplants, where the donor and the recipient are not the same person. Fortunately, that’s not what I’m doing. The type of transplant we’re starting up should take more like 30 days. Some take less, some take more.

It sounds like everyone is actually pretty sure that the extra radiation of my brain is a good idea. We’ll be meeting with a neuro-oncologist on Friday to check out the results of tomorrow’s MRI.

In the last week I’ve: had a physical, recounted my entire lymphoma history, declined to participate in some studies, had some blood drawn, and had my teeth examined. Coming soon: MRI, MRSA check, PET/CT, bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, and pulmonary function tests. Some of these are to make sure that the cancer is in remission, and some are to make sure I can handle the transplant conditioning.

And yesterday reminded me that when I say “the cancer is” I actually mean “both cancers are”. I met with the attending doctor for my team and he noted that stem cell transplants have been found to be curative for more aggressive cancers (like the one that was found in my nervous system), but that the slower-moving (indolent) one may still (just barely) survive.

On the plus side, indolent cancers don’t seem to develop resistance to treatment as quickly. And if they do get resistant to specific attacks, there is still a broad spectrum of treatment options. And more on the horizon.

For now it is important that the radiation and that transplant totally destroy the aggressive lymphoma. All energy toward that goal.

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  1. Karen permalink

    All energy, and all daimoku…..

  2. Karen permalink

    And a Happy Birthday@!!!

  3. Danielle Peto permalink

    Well the plus side is you get a re-birthday during the transplant, yay! Stay strong!

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