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Inching Toward Decisiveness

by Tom on March 11th, 2010

I’ve made a bit of progress on my dilemma on whether or not to go for the cranial/spinal radiation boost. This morning I ran across a study that ends like this:

“CONCLUSION: Primary chemotherapy based on high-dose MTX and ARA-C is highly efficient in PCNSL. Response rate and response duration in this series are comparable to the response rates and durations reported after combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Neurotoxicity was infrequent.”

Two things: first, HD-MTX + Ara-C was what I did back in the beginning of the year. Woo! Second, PCNSL is lymphoma that originates in the brain. It is much more scary of a situation than mine.

And our attending doctor, after reviewing my case some more, agrees with the opinion that this isn’t a CNS relapse. This is good news! A relapse of lymphoma in the CNS, especially this soon, would be a sign of a particularly tenacious (and difficult to kill) lymphoma.

It is looking like I’ll not want to get the boost (but still get the conditioning TBI). I’ll sleep on it to make sure.

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