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Napping the Days Away

by Tom on March 18th, 2010

Did I mention the light-headedness? For the last month there have been occasional episodes where I’ll stand from a sitting position, and after thirty-seconds find myself light-headed and dizzy. The sensation would last for up to a minute or two, and was really quite debilitating in the wrong moment.

We were pretty sure they weren’t hydration-related, as we thought ourselves to be perfectly capable monitors of that sort of thing. As faced my SCCA doctors about it, and they pointed out that just about any scan that would have indicated something was wrong is already a scan I’ve had recently. Seeing our level of consider, and considering the possibility to having these dizzy spells might complicate the upcoming busy weeks, they decided to move he whole circus inpatient.

And so, a few days ago, I checked-in to the UWMC. I’ve been getting total-body irradiation twice daily, and napping during just about every other waking second. It’s amazing how tiring is it to get your entire body irradiated! And I’m now taking a huge regimen of pills (“to protect against viral infections”, “to protect against bacteria”, “to protect against vorpal swords”) that keep me safe from many common bad guys.

I’ll write in more detail about more of this at more of a later time. I’m tired now, and I think I want to nap before dinner arrives!

[edited 03/22 for wording and clarity]

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  1. Danielle Peto permalink

    Goodluck with the transplant! The pills are a little much eh, a lot of them I hear you have to take for like 6 months after too. Hang in there, hope everything is going well!

  2. Jana permalink

    Can we go galumphing when you get out of the hospital? :)

  3. Karen permalink

    glad you’re coherent enough to blog :)

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