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Not All Side Effects are Equal

by Tom on March 23rd, 2010

The side effects of the Etoposide were pretty reasonable, and seemingly short-lived. The one that remains most in muly mind was a feeling of slight inebbriation.

The side effects of the Cytoxan, and at this high of a dose, have been memorable. Diahrrea. Vomiting. Simultaneously. At least four episodes in the middle of the night. My mouth started getting sore, and I’ve just felt all-around miserable!

But now a bunch of hours have passed, and so has the vomiting. Things are more bearable.

Tomorrow is “day zero”: when I get back the stem cells we collected in November. I wonder if I’ll still recognize them! The event itself won’t be fancy (or a ceremony), but it marks the end of us trying to damage my body on-purpose. And that sounds like a day worth marking.

Also, Jana brought me a stuffed robot that I love and have to share with you all. His name is “Ondansetron”…

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