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The Terrible, Terrible Aftermath

by Tom on March 25th, 2010

You know what they don’t include in disaster movies? The rebuilding. The town gets destroyed by a giant monster, the heroes stop the monster, movie ends.

They never show the months of suffering that the family-owned convenience store goes through as they rebuild. Those kids who have a crater where a park used to live.

The TBI and chemo were the monster. Mucositis is the rebuilding, and it lasts around 15 days. Drinking water causes me to hiccup. My mouth is sore, like, all the time.

It sounds like the main variable that could change in my favor is the magnitude of the mucositis. It will likely not shrink the time, but the Palifermin drug they’ve given me might shrink the depths to which I sink.

But as of right now, just the beginning, this stinks.

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  1. Karen permalink

    i’m sorry…. i’m coming down tonight, probably see you tomorrow, anything you need?

  2. Danielle Peto permalink

    Boo mucositis! Keep up the oral care and mouthwash and hopefully it won’t get worse. Berlin wasn’t rebuilt in a day… but it is fabulous now!

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