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How’s It Going

by Tom on April 15th, 2010

I’ve been home for about half a week; in the beginning it was at once exciting, relieving, and frightening. Exciting and relieving for obvious reasons. Frightening because I was leaving the close attention of nurses and doctors that the hospital provided.

The last few days have eliminated that fright.

In the hospital, and early this week, I was noticing that I had trouble reading things from certain distances. I bumped the resolution on my monitor so things would be larger, and they were still fuzzy unless I was up close. My mom brought along a pair of cheap reading glasses and those helped clear things up.

Now I don’t need them anymore. They make things fuzzier. I still haven’t changed my monitor’s resolution back, but I can read the screen again. Victory!

My feet and legs still do the strange thing where they like to tense up. I feel like it’s been improving, but it’s still around. It will be easier to mark progress when it disappears entirely.

In the hospital, near the middle of my stay, I was able to write and commit some code on an open-source authentication module for the Kohana framework. Shortly after that, I lost the concentration to continue doing programming work (or much anything else) on the computer. This week, I’ve been building the amount of code I write each day; some of it even contributing to work projects. That’s right, I’ve even been doing work on my first week home. Victory again!

My conclusion is that most of my recovery requires having left the hospital. I don’t know how much of this progress I would have made so soon if I hadn’t been so adamant about getting discharged on Sunday.

My energy level is still low, but I set a few records on some of the Wii Fit balance games today. More victory! A little bit more exercise every day should build how far I can walk. The only annoying thing right now is that I banged up my toe nail (large one on the left foot) while I was in the hospital. It’s been getting wrapped up with gauze and antibiotic ointment, and barely fits in a sock. Definitely not in a shoe. So any walking that I’ve been doing has been in socks and sandals, the size of which make walking more like shuffling. Once my toenail figures out if it’s staying or going, my walking distance should greatly improve.

Also very important: I have been sleeping so much better at home than I was in the hospital. In the hospital I would be lucky to get an hour or two at a time, and then lay awake for an hour or two. Here I’ve been able to go three or four hours before waking up for a position change. It can’t hurt that there isn’t someone coming in approximately every four hours to check my blood pressure and temperature.┬áSleeping in my own bed, with my own charming wife, has made a drastic and victorious improvement in my sleeping habits.

Conclusion: being home is wonderful. Hospitals are helpful with their high-level of attention and care, but the independence of home lets you really start to heal.

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  1. Jana permalink

    Socks and sandals are the Seattle way! Wear them with pride. We can get you some tevas if you’re bored of birkenstocks…

  2. Anu permalink

    This is so good to hear! I hope you continue to feel better and better. I’m thinking of you. Take good care!


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