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Improving Constantly

by Tom on April 24th, 2010

I’ve been home for two weeks now, and most of the things that bugged me last week are getting better. My feet and legs seem to be less restless. Last week, sitting here typing, my legs would be bouncing up and down. I’d be growing uncomfortable. Not so anymore. I still notice my legs feeling exhausted when I wake up, so they must be doing something while I sleep.

My energy level is improving, too. My voice is more resonant again when I talk on the phone. I still lay on the couch a lot, but I’m more energetic when I’m up.

Taste is getting better and better. Today I noticed that I can start to detect saltiness again, and I had mustard on a bockwurst today and was able to taste it (most of the way).

The nutritionist we met with at the SCCA said that seeing how much I had improved week-to-week made her day.

I still have to take 8 pills twice a day, and I still get pain in my legs every once and awhile. It feels like the sensation after working out more than usual, even though I’ve not really exercised. And I’ve started having dizzy spells again after getting up from a really relaxed sitting position. If I’m not careful I collapse onto the floor or the ground until the spell passes. Really annoying, and kinda dangerous!

But I’m getting better.

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  1. Danielle Peto permalink

    yay it sounds like you are doing well! Keep it up!

    ps dizzy can be dehydration. I drank a lot and still would get dizzy, had to bump it up to drinking a TON.

  2. Karen permalink

    and interesting comment from Danielle, dont’cha think??

  3. Kris Granger permalink

    Love the last line. Hope every day is better and better and better and…..

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