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Well, I’m Still Here

by Tom on April 6th, 2010

Day +13th, now, and things are similar to the way they were before. I’ve sunk into the depths of the embrace offered by TPN and a PCA. Its a bit liberating, if you don’t mind being shackled to an IV pole! Now, as my recovery commands, I must dig myself out of these liberating depths. Must be able to get most of my nutrition on my own, but have high enough counts, and must not need IV pain meds anymore. Gotta look somewhat self-sufficient before they’ll recommend me to go home.

My current project is teaching my body how to eat and drink on its own again, which is tough. Some drinks go down my throat well, but are too acidic for my stomach to handle yet. Cranapple, I’m looking at you.

Slowly we try water, we try juices, brothes, jellos, and eventually move into soft foods like potatoes and shakes.

A few days back I shared my WBC numbers from when they came in at 130k. The next day they were at 300k. Then 660k. Today 1,010k. Build-em-up!

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  1. Kris Granger permalink

    Well, I’m sure GLAD you’re still here, buddy!
    Pace yourself. Mashed potatoes and shakes sound good to me!

  2. Eileen Herman permalink

    It’s a real challenge to get most of your nutrition on your own when you’re limited to clear and full liquids, but as soon as you can tolerate shakes, it’ll pick up. Remember, your Toastmaster friends are ALL rooting for you!

  3. Randy Dyer permalink

    Glad to see your WBC numbers going in right direction. I always liked jello when I was sick, it gave my mouth something to play with. I would squirt it between my two front teeth and ….. Your Edmonds TM family misses you and looks forward to your eventual return. God Bless and we will keep you in our prayers.

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