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Ignite Talk Video Now Online

by Tom on January 31st, 2011

It’s not a proper health update, but I wanted to share the video of my speech from Ignite Seattle 11 back in September. It was filmed, edited, and produced by professional-type people. And boy does it look good!

If you’ve got a spare five minutes, I highly recommend it!

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  1. Rupa permalink

    Hi Tom,
    I was just checking in on you again. Your talk was brilliant! I’m amazed by your humor and resiliance. Hope you’re feeling better/well.


  2. Lindsay permalink

    I finally got a chance to watch your video this weekend. You are a gifted story teller on stage in front of a large audience just as you are with good friends in a pub!
    The way you translated your chemo treatment from what’s often described as a scary “induced unto the patient (you) medical procedure” to a powerful and effective lesson on cell biology to use a process to fight rogue cells was empowering. I think it helps people in general to understand chemo in concept and helps patients and loved ones think about they are using the chemo to take back control of their health. It’s also a testament to how creative and positive you are when it comes to helping others, as well as your own health knowledge. Keep at it.

  3. Katie Gass permalink

    Great talk Tom!! You should shoot for TED talks next! Seriously, you’re a funny, intelligent, dynamic and educational speaker–kudos to you.

    Sending you positive healing vibes for this latest mutiny round!


  4. Stef McIrvin permalink


    I loved this video and your presentation! The slides look great, as do you.

    Be well,

  5. Regan (Newport) Hesse permalink

    I finally got around to watching this (actually only just now discovered that it existed). Great job Tom! You’ve always been great in front of a crowd, but this is the best performance I’ve ever seen you do.

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