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Hunting and Pecking Again

by Tom on April 1st, 2011

This is going to take a long time to write, but that’s because it’s Tom at the keyboard again. Remember when you first learned to write your name, hands all-wobbly and un-sure? Yeah, It’s like that.

I’m happy to to be able to report that the chemothererapy (hyper-CVAD) that we launched is having the kind of effects we were hoping to see. Namely three things:

  • My throat is incredibly sore
  • I’m spiking short-term fevers left and right
  • The cancer cells are going away!

They’ve been giving me just-about daily blood and platelet transfusions to replace the ones that I’m not able to self-sustain. If you’re eligible, please get out to the Puget Sound Blood Center or your own local blood bank. They are hungry little boys starving for those extra amounts you don’t need! And now I must rest.

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  1. Sarai Foshaug Bowsher permalink

    WONDERFUL news!!! Well, at least point 3…
    Though I’m unable to donate, I’m passing out cards w/ donation info to friends & family, & most have been excited to get the call,
    so to speak…
    Hope you’re feeling better, & if yer still around, I’ll be up @ VM
    soon for my next treatment, & will come bearing awesome
    ice cream!

    Much love & many thoughts with you,

  2. Mark Howen permalink

    Your wife has been incredible in filling in your spot on the updates, but it is soooooo much better when it can be actually YOU doing the writing. What a battle you are in, and your courage and love shine through. Keep it up, my friend, keep winning. Peace and blessings. Mark

  3. Stephanie Eilebrecht permalink

    Glad to read the good news straight from your own fingers. :)

  4. Erika permalink

    Good to hear from you!

  5. Good to hear from you, Tom! Rest up and get well. :)

  6. John Lind permalink

    Been thinking about you frequently. Great to see you tippy-tapping on the keyboard again! Glad to see there’s forward progress. Keep one foot in front of the other . . . and do the same one finger and hand in front of the other too!

    – John

  7. Regan permalink

    I’m so glad to hear from you Tom! I’ve been stalking you for updates!

  8. Ed Everest permalink

    Yaaaay Tom and Yaaaay Jana !!
    Sending best wishes from South Australia :)

  9. Lindsay Malone permalink

    Tom, I’ve signed up to donate platelets here in a week and will donate blood a week after. The platelet donation is just across the way from VM…maybe we’ll get to be platelet buddies! :-) Have also been telling friends who donate blood how important it is to give platelets too. Will share with folks I know and on fb about how fun/easy/important aphersis and platelet giving are in a week, may it help to alleviate concerns of would be donors. Will also look forward to seeing you soon.

  10. Aunt Kathy permalink


    Your family is with you all the way. Know that you are loved dearly.

    Aunt Kathy

  11. Chelsea Peterson permalink

    Hurray Tom! So glad to see an update from your very own fingers. :) Sending lots of love and prayers to you and Jana.


  12. erin permalink

    Tom, love your voice and praying for you (as only an atheist can). Anyway I’m a fellow lymphomartini drinker (stage 3) and wish you and family best. Thank you so much for putting this experience online.

  13. So glad to hear this!!! YOU ROCK TOM!!! Praying for you! :)

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