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Hi! I discovered on May 29, 2009 that my spleen was too big. Way too big. Also, some of my abdominal lymph nodes were abnormal.

Cancer? Infection? Giant spleen syndrome? Simple nutritional deficiencies?

A few weeks later we first heard positive indication that the doctors suspected I had a lymphoma.

Then, after another month, the science was pointing to my actually having two lymphomas!

This is where I’ve documented the diagnostic process, and where I continue to share the progress of the chemotherapy and autologous stem-cell transplant treatments. Enjoy!

  1. Melissa Clay-Thomas permalink

    Tom, I’m so beyond sorry to hear this. I can’t imagine how tired you and Jana must be of fighting this battle. I wish there was something more tangible I could do, but please know I’m sending as much prayer as possible your way.
    Melissa (& Jeremy & Stephanie)

  2. Tom Messall permalink

    Hi Tom,

    I only recently heard from Mr. Greenwood and Mr McIrvin that you were ill, and fighting the good battle. Let me know how I can contact you.

    You are in our prayers young man.

    Your old Scoutmaster,
    Tom Messall

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